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orlando mcbadger's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
orlando mcbadger

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[09 Nov 2001|10:50pm]
got strangelittlegirls!

here is my little review:

new age, rattlesnakes, i'm not in love, happiness is a warm gun, heart of gold and raining blood are just plain cool.

'97 bonnie and clyde is excellant in its pure weirdnissicty!

time and i don't like mondays are surprisingly good covers, its nice that not all of them are super-edgy.

strange little girl and real men are the best! slg in its cool, all round cooliness, and rm, with tori trying to be all macho is great.

enjoy the silence is the only dissapointment. i think its cuz i already knew and liked the original, and the cover was too plain, but it lacked the softness of time and i don't like mondays.

all around, a top notch album!


oh, and i got the happiness is a warm gun cover....i think the should have also used the heart of gold ones (both or either of them)

oh oh....i realised today that on the strange little girl cover, the shirt says "satin worship" not "satan worship"
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[07 Nov 2001|02:17pm]
(direct to silvie) sorry about xerox, i guess i can't yell at you for stealing my patented word of the day, or was it ali? probably ali...)

went to SEED on tuesday to watch futurama, and we went out to get noodles..they were good!, and conny has this beautiful bjork poster, i believe i will kill her and take it...hmm, the possibilities.

you all suck!
i'm in a world hating mood right now, stupid smegging someone.......
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[03 Nov 2001|05:17pm]
tonite my brother has declared mexican night, so a bucnh of people will be at my house get smashed on pina coladas (there should be a ~ over the "a" in pina, but i have no ideada how to do that....i know i spelled idea wrong, but i left so you all could draw some sort of joy from it, to brighten up your seemingly pointless livers............
(that was supposed to say lives....shut up!)
see, i'm not actually superdepressed anymore, but it like cocaine, you can't just stop!!

silvie....what kind of candy were you making with the fudge? i must know!!!!!
i finally got a burning program, since nero got lost in the infamous "abby's brain blowing up" of 2001......it is called ashampoo!

mara has new bjork poster (*brutal shake of fist*) and they are........LAMINATED!!!!!!!
i like lamination, me and kerry were going to staple peoples ears to a bunkbed, laminate them, and then put them in a breadmaker and make cranberry-orange loaf.
i like loaves.

i have to write an essay on Frieda Kahlo....i think she had low self esteem, either that or she is one of those people who are like " i will act all self-depricating and when people keep asking am i alright i will be like hehehehe fools!"


my stupid f*$%ing brother has got my parents to kick me of the computer.
i will kill him bad.
so bad he will be like "i have been killed bad".
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[28 Oct 2001|01:35am]
ye gods its late!
well, not really, but it says 1:36, but its actually two!
and i got up ridiculously early (10ish, but its saturday) and worked on my
art project all day (and I'm beginning to doubt the integrity of my mind), and then
went to get jesse from the airport, cuz she had a plethora of luggage and was bringing
me mosaic stuff, so i kinda felt obliged.
and all tomorrow i's gots lots more arty stuff to do, plus some math and bio (yay viruses!)
friday was pretty good, I got my math test, and threw it in the lake (don't worry, its bio-degradable), and in bio we started on viruses, but cuz di thought we could do all the worksheets an' the like at home, we watched outbreak, after which, during a brief discussion, i found out that back when they were trying to identify the ebola virus they sent it to the states in the mail, and almost had to do a massive quarintine (for which i really hope someone got fired for)
then i went to help my mom out with getting her studio all set up and stuff.....
it turns out my friend gracie waited 2 1/2 years before she got a computer table cuz she wanted one that could double as a dining table when she had guests....

i would say "off to bed" but i know thats a lie, i'm just gonna spend a few more hours staring at the screen, untill my pupils dilate to the point at which they envelope my whole eyes, and i stumble around blindly, and end up sleeping in the sink, cuz i can't find my bed, and wake up with a severly malformed spine, and have to spend the next 6 weeks in intensive spine re-shaping therapy, only to find out my instructor is actually a con-man (i can't say con-person, it don't sound right) who robs me of every last penny, and i end up selling amway products from a cardboard box at yonge and bloor, but i never get any buisness cuz people wanna give money to the sidewalk artists and accordian players, and little ugly children throw rocks at me while i sleep, and when i wake up i have no medicin so i need to staunch the blood flow with leaves, which turn out to be the type that squirrels eat, and i am eaten by the squirrels, who suffer from severe heartburn afterward.....

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had ta try conny's little crazybrain thing [25 Oct 2001|06:11pm]
Disorder Rating

Paranoid: High

Schizoid: High

Schizotypal: High

Antisocial: Low

Borderline: Low

Histrionic: Moderate

Avoidant High

Dependent: Low

Obsessive-Compulsive: High
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[25 Oct 2001|05:58pm]
my gastronitestinal system cries out for help!
like the idiot i am, i forgot to bring lunch or money on the day i am at school untill 4:30
and i have just finished gorging myself.
saw hedwig last night
sleep now
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[23 Oct 2001|05:20pm]
i like hot chocloate!

i think its high time I actually went out and bought StrangeLittleGirls!
u saw an interview with tori today and she was shopping with the interview lady, and tori bought her a shiny pink hat!
anyway, i was gonna go get it today, but then I realized that I need my money for my art project (sad no? it costs money to get good marks...)
me and kree went to curry's today and they only had one little bag thing left, so we both had to be james bond.

oh god, my stomach is burning!
need to stop drinking hot chocolate
my mom is being a naggy b*tch, so i hafta go clean up some stuff....

-oof! sam
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[20 Oct 2001|12:13pm]
*am presently munching on sugary mangoes!*

yesterday was sooooo long!
after a math test for which i did not have nearly enough time to finish, went out for lunch with my nmom, kerry and maz and bitched about the world (good to get of my chest) then went to conny's (i won), then to SEED (so cool, wish they had 10s) to watch zim with emma and kate, then to parrish's for eva (did i mention i found a really cool stick!?!?!) and we got to the part where everything goes down hill, and shinji has scaaaary dreams! then to gally's to play ooga booga, which is great because everyone is not tenfold better than me. never have i been to a place with such free use of simpsons quotes *bliss*!!!

saw new bjork video, won't even bother to explain, except to say that only bjork could get away with that!

off to do homework *big, obvious tap on nose*

oh, and big thanx to silvie for the excellant pic!!!!
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msg 2 kyla [18 Oct 2001|06:16pm]
i'm really sorry about all that stuff being up a bunch.....
i've tried deleting it but i hafta wait to see if it works, and if it does then i'll finsh.
if its bugging you then just take me off friends untill i get it figured out

ali is lying!
he is all acting confused and then says "umm....noooooooo" in a long drawn out sounding thing, and changes the subject.
if you believe him then you are a sad guillable little fool as well as the littlest prude!
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[18 Oct 2001|05:56pm]
i have finally started my art project!!!!
i'm not sure if thats good cuz i'm no longer procrastinating , or if its bad cuz i have already procrastinated for a month.........

anyway, i'm using this stuff called wellbond, which is a kind of super power glue, and some got stuck to my hand, so i peeled it off, and it was reeeally cool, so i'm think i could cover my whole hand in it, and see if i could peel off a glove, but it would probably backfire, like my plan to dye my hands purple with fabric dye (big mistake!)
silvie~ ali lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today lee ann was being kind of a jerk about my careers project. i told her that my interview might be late, cuz the person i'm interviewing is in quebec, but the rest would be on time (its due monday, and i haven't started it yet, but, thinking back to the 6 page essay i once wrote the night before, i'm sure i'll cope) and she was like "you know sam, the interview IS the most important part....." and then walked away!!!!
the paramesium overlords will be most displeased with her.
end transmission
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[17 Oct 2001|09:05pm]
alright, i suck at this!!!!

it kept saying i had nothing there, alright!?!?!

at least my silvie message will get across
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oops! [17 Oct 2001|08:57pm]
okay okay!

i realize i posted that twice!
i refuse to bleed for you!
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[17 Oct 2001|08:56pm]
ack! my sinuses! they hurt with the ferocity of howler monkies!

conny said that i should start one o' these, and, being the little followmonkey i am i did. (not really, just exceedingly bored)

so i finally found this $%*ing website! silvie was always telling me and i kept forgetting, but now i have outsmarted the url bureaucrats in their attempt to keep me livejournal-less!

hmmmmmm.......abby's brain blew up!
not really, but she lost 85% of her memory, and all my mp3's are gone!!!!!
and to think, all those virgins sacrificed in vain!!!!
kyla ~ ali is lying, lying LYING!
(that need not apply to anyone but silvie)

i will not add anymore untill i know this actually works, cuz if i had to do it again, heads would roll,fur would fly and you would never view refried beans in the same
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